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    A friend of mine who is a patented inventor named Steve Bridgers has a patent for a modular construction system called INCA.
    This stands for Inter Nodal Connector Architecture.

    First of all, look at his patent here:…itecture&q=Steve+Bridgers

    INCA is based on the tensegrity geodesic structures of Buckminster Fuller, and the fullerene molecule.

    It is not material dependent; Steve showed myself and others that macroscopic materials and mesoscopic materials, such as bamboo, polymers, steel, anything that can be somewhat rigid, can be used.

    However, his real dream, and our real goal, is to achieve what this forum is all about: Self Replicating, Exponential Manufacturing Nano technology with atomic precision control over the molecules.

    We want the molecular assembler as you all do.

    Here is some more info and links:

    You can see some of the basic designs and diamondoid-inspired structures made with this.

    The idea is to take carbon wires such as fullerene nanotubes and make these systems:

    Series of interlocking nodes, tubes, springs, that can be used to build super strong and flexible as well as lightweight structures.
    Electrical, Optical, and other systems can be coupled to the mechanical systems to make smart, shape-changing active materials.

    All feedback on this is welcomed.

    One of the big plusses with the INCA system as the bootstrap for MNT is this: It is based on the curvature we see in the biological and natural world. Look at the spirals and curved structures in nature, such as in DNA helixes and protein chains and more.

    Hello, Jim and everyone, it is good to be onboard here with you all.

    I have read and absorbed huge amounts of nanotechnology data over the years, and I have examined many of the potential routes to the "grand grail" of general purpose or even basic diamondoid mechanosynthesis. At this point, and I welcome all of your views on this, what appears to be the most efficient and fastest route to regular atomic precision diamondoid nanotechnology ala Nanosystems?

    The DNA front seems to have advanced in recent years but I still think we need some form of proto assembler in the form of a proximal probe/scanning probe microscopes able to have molecular gripper tips that allow the assembly of three dimensional structures like assembler parts to bootstrap primitive assemblers to then build ever-increasingly advanced assemblers.

    What do you all think? Protein folding? DNA nanomachines? SPMs with molecular grippers like Drexler and Merkle and others mentioned years ago? Engineered bacteria and viruses? Laser, Electron Beam and other energetic beam systems?

    Basically, as long as we achieve molecular nanotechnology, and mechanosynthesis, we don't have to concern ourselves with material waste from it. Atoms are Atoms, Molecules are Molecules. Any form of diamondoid or other MNT "waste" can be broken down through various methods. The beauty of the process is that it is reversible, and can be dealt with.

    Some speak of the issue of waste heat. That would be a much more difficult prospect because thermodynamic laws do not allow you to break down waste heat. However, we can always radiate it out into space, like the Earth does with solar energy heat.