I am merely saying that we're stuck with the term nanotechnology, whether we like it or not as far as this forum is concerned. This forum is called "Sci.Nanotech" after all. We can naturally modify the term or even use a different one in discussions here (and argue over what would be a better replacement term) but we need to keep using the common usage term so when the general public do search for it, they will hopefully find us. That is all I'm saying.

    Sorry, but we're stuck with the term nanotechnology if we want the public to understand anything close to what we're talking about. It has entered common usage. If we use another term, we'll spend all our time trying to turn the Titanic around and will never succeed. This forum is simply too small to do so.

    Just video tape hot babes in bikinis. That's all you need. ;)

    Orrrrrrr do you mean videos about nanotechnology? If so, have the hot babes wear very very very small bikinis. :D

    Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, just do simply explanation videos. "What's nanotechnology?" "What's a nanite?"
    Stuff like that. Do you already have a YouTube channel? If not, that's the first place you should start.

    I'm just tossing ideas out here, Jim.

    But I see no problem of generating content for such a YouTube show. I belong to a few tech news aggregators. Simply report ONE news item they report that has something to do with nanotechnology. The topic doesn't need to be long. Just telling what new has happened and then explaining it to layfolk as to what it means, could mean, should mean, etc.

    As for doing it to draw people here, it is called "doing social media". Not everyone likes their info in the same format. Some people's first expose to these topics could be in another format. Look at the social media buttons you already have at the top of the message makers already. I'd add Twitter to those buttons so people can tweet out interesting topics.

    Now if you have a job you love, that's fine. This can just be a hobby. The YouTube show can just be a hobby to help this hobby. Something simple and quick. And as head moderator of this forum, that's all the credentials you need for YouTube. Hell, that's more than most have on YouTube.

    I think a lot of traffic can be driven here if a YouTube show were made that covers nanotech news. Something like SciShow ( Then at the end of each episode, viewers could be encouraged to click a link in the video and/or in its description to come to this forum to continue the discussion, suggest topics, etc..

    And such a show does NOT have to have the same "high" production values as SciShow ... or at least initially. Simply having Jim speak to a webcam on his computer would be a good place to start. Start a Patreon account with the goal to afford better production values (better camera, microphone, editing software, etc.) and possibly even enabling Jim to do the show full-time ... and then start hiring staff. Here's a very recent video about SciShow leaving Subbables to go to Patreon where we see how many people that show has behind the scenes on SciShow:

    If Jim (sorry, Jim, but you're it) were a bit more ambitious, it could be a twice-weekly show. Say a Monday episode talking about the latest developments, news, papers, etc. in nanotechnology and Thursday episode explaining nanotech stuff to the public. The first episode of the latter should very naturally explain what the word nanotechnology actually means. And if the donations flood on, Jim could FLY around and interview nanotechnology researchers. Get that, Jim? The show could eventually end up PAYING you to fly your plane! ;)