Privacy Policy is an ad-free, publicly readable (i.e. you don't need to create an account to read posts and user content is readable by search engines,) and mostly user-moderated forum for molecular nanotechnology discussions.

The forum software allows you to block posts of other users. You must accept this user-level moderation as the primary means of moderation, as the forum operators will generally not act against a poster because of complaints about the content of their posts.

While the forum operators will not generally moderate postings or ban users (having not listed any specific rules,) you must accept that because legal and moral judgments vary on what constitutes porn, hate speech, copyright violations, libel, defamation, and other legally constrained speech categorizations, we reserve the right to apply our personal judgment (and fear of litigation) when deciding whether to delete or temporarily hide any post you make or ban you entirely. And unless it is clear to the operators that you're deliberately acting as a complete jerk we will generally first ask you to edit such posts or warn you before banning you.

P.S. You naturally retain copyright over your posts.