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    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Login usernames and passwords had to be changed when the forum software was changed form Beehive to WoltLab Burning Board. If you had an account and did not get an email with new login information (sent December 25, 2015) please email me at JamesL@Lugoj.com and I will assist in getting you back on. In the worst case you would need to create a new account.
    • Sci-Nanotech is an ad-free forum primarily intended for discussions about atomically precise manufacturing (APM) nanotechnology. The forum is financially and operationally independent of any commercial, educational, or government entities.
    • This forum was created to replace the moderated Usenet newsgroup sci.nanotech (hence the choice of the domain name.) That newsgroup has seen almost no activity in recent years partly because moderation slowed dialog and partly due to technical limits of Usenet that lead to its general decline.
    • The rules that community members are expected to follow are fairly simple: remain civil, try to stay relevant (or at least not distracting,) keep calm, and avoid crowding. Off-topic posts and threads will generally be allowed, though we reserve the right to suppress any that become too distracting to the core focus of the forum. The owner and any delegated moderators are lazy and will intervene only if seriously provoked by a horde of member complaints or our computer network resources are abused. The forum software that was chosen has a number of features that should allow members to self-police, or at least mostly avoid, other members they discover are too disagreeable to converse with.

    - Jim Logajan

    Images attribution: Walterdenkens

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