Microfluidics & struct-DNA-nanotec -- progress

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    • Microfluidics & struct-DNA-nanotec -- progress

      I just wanted to share some recent developments I find relevant:

      Two papers about interlocking DNA nanostructures:
      While still far from atomic resolution and still a little jelly floppy like this totally goes into the direction of stiff atomically precise nanorobotics.
      I hope that will convince more people that macroscale style machinery actually makes perfectly sense in the nanoscale.

      An image out of this paper made it into Wikipedia.
      I think it's the first CC licensed image of 3D wiremesh DNA stuff on Wikipedia:
      Assuming the uploader "Materialscientist" was one of the creators (unlikely - comment to high res upload says "from PDF")
      or had permission from the creators or the upload is tolerated which is not clear from what I find.
      I'd love to use that image but as long as I'm not clear about the license I rather not.

      On the microfluidics front there's a new website for open source R&D collaboration (created by MIT Media Lab).
      I see how this could notably accelerate progress if adopted by the subset of struct-DNA-nanotec (& other foldamer) researchers/developers.

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